IWF Rules & Information

IWF Rules:

1. To earn IWF tokens, User must post contents without any grammatical error. Please visit this link & Get a free Grammar Fixing tool for your devices. ( Earn 50 IWF.)

You cannot Create short replies like 'Thank you for sharing" or "Wow nice share" and so on. These replies bring no value and we don't want 1000 people doing the same thing. You must add some missing information or ask questions in the thread replies.

2. Users must not create an unlimited amount of spam topics or replies just to increase the IWF Tokens. Each content you post must bring value to the community.

3. To earn more IWF you can post reviews, Tutorials & Guides. Please search the forum to check if the post has already been made or not. We don't want duplicate contents.

4. Copying contents or images from other website and posting here will not be tolerated. (Permanent Ban)

5. Users behaving unnaturally will get an instant ban.

6. You cannot reply to the same twice. (Allowed only when necessary.)

You can always message me if you are not sure about something that violates IWF rules or not. (IncomeWheelAdmin)

Here is the amount of IWF Tokens you can earn for different activities.

1. Creating a new Topic: 10 IWF.
2. Replying to a topic: 15 IWF Tokens.
3. Payment Proof: 20 IWF Tokens

Earnings will also depend upon the user level & contribution he has provided in the forum.

More ways to earn IWF tokens Coming soon!

( Wait for the new Update, We will change a lot of stuffs here which helps you to earn even more.)